Monday, August 1, 2011

Phones which knows how you walk

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Researchers in Oulu (Finland) are now a day busy in defying thieves. How? Lets explore by visiting Oulu which is located in Finland. Travelers can enjoy summer in Oulu but in Winter when sea will be frozen only a mad guy would dare to visit this place. But when we came to know that researchers in Oulu are busy in inventing a device which will almost stop Mobile theft even when you are drunk, we could not resist visiting this place and exploring the whole story. Related to this we met one Professor (name could not be disclosed) in Oulu who is Identification expert but he never uses old methods like finger prints or iron scan to identify thief. Instead, he relies on his new invention which will identify thief by the way he walks.

Professor believes that mobile phone theft is a big problem. For example 5% of the burglary in UK is related to Mobile phone. And professor is busy in searching a way how to handle this problem. His biometrics devices are equipped with advanced technology which can sense the way you walk. Your phone could be in your pocket or bag monitoring your day to day activities. Phone will sense the way you walk and if someone will lift it from you then phone will come to know that it is in wrong hands and immediately locks itself. Professor and his team have done lots of experiments to know whether such ideas will really work in real life or not.

A small motion sensor will be installed in your smartphone which will recognize the way you walk by using 3 directions. For Left and Right Yellow line, For Up and Down Red Line and For Forward and Backward Green line. This device is invented in such a way that when you are walking, your way of walking will be recorded into this device.

Similar to our voice, every person has different way of walking. Suppose I am a thief and I steal someone’s mobile phone then mobile phone will immediately recognize that I am not the owner of the phone. How does this idea work? Every human being have different walking style and this depends upon various factors like shape and size of our skeleton, what is my sex and what are my muscles shape and size. Even our mind also plays very important role in the way we walk. It’s been believed that a happy man will have different walking style then others. This invention is still in its premature stage, but experiments so far divert this on positive note.

There are few challenges to implement this invention. Like when we walk on Ice our walking style will be different. This technology would be a trouble for people staying in such regions. Also, when you are drunken you not only forgot yourself but you forgot the way you walk. But researchers have a very simple solution for this. In case the phone gets locked, you can simply enter the pin code to unlock it. But what if you are tired and going through a depressive stage? In this case chances are there that you forgot your pin. And probably this is the biggest problem with this design.

What do you think about this technology? Our future smartphones should be equipped with this? Write in your comments.

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Anonymous said...

I never thought of this kind of an Idea, but as discussed in your article, it may be troublesome as well..

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