Tuesday, October 25, 2011

IE7 Internet Explorer hangs on opening New Tab or Browser

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I have seen many of the people searching for IE7 Internet Explorer 7.0 hangs while opening a new page or new tab or new browser.

Some of the symptoms are :
When I have a few IE7 windows open, I am often getting one browser page that will hang, lock up, not respond at all when I "Open in New Window" or "Open in New Tab" - it doesn't discriminate as I can have 2 or up to 10 tabs/browsers open on any of thousands of websites I visit.

It can happen at any time. I can have 2 or more tab browsers open or 2 or more separate browsers open and at any time when I "Open in New Window" or "Open in New Tab" - no particular number at all. Then the hang occurs.

I therefore am stuck with a hang that can cause all of the open IE windows/browsers to crash or I manage to close the window if I am quick enough before all IE windows crash at once. Many times I cannot close the hanging browser and can only work with the current browsers that are open only.

Once this happens I also lose the RIGHT CLICK function on the mouse

Therfore, I have learnt that it is a good idea to then close down all IE browsers altogether and start fresh

Once I do this I regain the RIGHT CLICK function on the mouse again and the browsers work as normal till the next hang

It has been noticed that this problem occurs after KB943729 was installed.
To fix it we should disable "Windows Live" plug-ins (Tools->Internet Options->Programs(Tab)->Manage Add Ons).

Once you disable this addon. It should look like below:


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