Monday, July 18, 2011

Why buttered toast falls butter side down?

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Have you ever observed a Buttered toast? A Buttered toast that is falling from your dinning table, kitchen table or platform where you often butter your bread slices. If you have observed it carefully you will find that the toast has fallen to the floor - butter side down!!!!

In ancient Rome, parents apparently visibly worried about their children's toast falling and landing buttered-side down, since the breakfast table accident supposedly forecasted as bad luck. So, does a floor mysteriously favours butterry side? Or Butter is so heavy that it always flips bread and make it fall - Butter side down? Or Any Other Myths?

Lets explore from Physics point of view, Why Buttered toast falls butter side down?

As per law of physics it all depends how you drop bread slice, from where you drop bread slice and how big is your toasted bread slice. All of this technical factors contribute in deciding whether a toast should fall butter side up or butter side down.

Now, lets analyze why this happens?
Most of the time when we place our Buttered Toasts, Buterred side will be always up. As most of the kitchen tables and work surfaces like kitchen platforms are about waist height. When buttered toast falls from such surfaces, it can manages 180 deegrees rotation or you can say half rotation before it hits the floor. And result is butter side down.

What should be done to make fall toasts, buttered side up?
Answer is simple.
1. Better build your work surfaces twice as high Or
2. Make smaller bread slices so that they have time to complete the rotation.


Swadesh Mohanty said...

Good one..never came to mind though :)

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